Київське міське товариство греків ім. Костянтина Іпсіланті
Громадська організація «Союз греків України»

  • May 19 - the day of grief for the Pontiffs, for the Greeks of the whole world "
    May 19 is a sad date for the Greeks, the Pontians, for the Greeks of the whole world. Wherever they were, all the Greeks remember this day and the events associated with it. On this day, we are the Greeks, marking the Day of Genocide Remembrance of the Greeks of Lesser Asia by the Turks-Ottomans. On this day, May 19 is the beginning of the genocide of the Greeks of the Pontian, one of the most terrible episodes of many years are different. Victims of genocide, which included direct killings, forced deportation, mass exile, casinos, whistles, cruel punishments, began to vary according to calculations from 350 thousand to 1.2 million Greeks. The genocide was accompanied by the systematic disintegration of Orthodox monuments and shrines.
  • International festivals of creativity, held in a wonderful place - Burgas (Republic of Bulgaria) on the Black Sea coast
    Dear friends! We invite you to take part in the annual International Festivals of Creativity, which are held in a wonderful place - Burgas (Republic of Bulgaria) on the Black Sea coast. The participants of the Festival, their relatives and friends will have the opportunity not only to become participants, viewers, but also to have a great rest in Miniothek with all the amenities of the resort village Sarafovo (accommodation in 2-3 double rooms, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, 5 meals a day for children and 3 times for adults), as well as get acquainted with the culture, history of Bulgaria. Directions on both sides of Kyiv are provided by bus.
  • April 19-21, 2018 exhibition "Education and Career - 2018" and "Education Abroad"
    April 19-21, 2018, the Ukrainian Center for Business and Cultural Cooperation "Ukrainian House" (Kyiv) will begin its work "Education and Career - 2018" and "Education Abroad". Our company "Greek Group" is practically the only one in Ukraine, which provides unique information and consulting services for the admission of Ukrainian graduates to Greek state universities. Benefits to other countries begin with the first stage - entry into the university. Entrance to the University is based on the scores of the certificate without extranet, without entrance exams, without the immediate presence of the entrant, at the time of entering the knowledge of the Greek language is not required. There are 600 faculties available at the choice of 48 state universities in Greece - bachelor, master's, doctoral
  • Invitation to the Divine Service to the Holy Ilyin Church on the Podil and the Cathedral of the Holy Princess Olga on the Kharkivsky Residental Community
    Dear friends! Dear members of the "Kyiv City Association of the Greek named after Constantine Ypsilanti"! Congratulations on Holy Easter! Good, peace in every homeland, good health, happiness, bright holidays. We are invited to the Divine Services for the Holy Illinic Church on the Podil and the Cathedral of the Holy Princess Olga on the Kharkov array of veins. Beginning at 23 hours and 20 minutes. Let's be together, waiting for you. Sincerely yours, Koretsky M., Head of the "Kyiv City Association of the Greek named after Konstantin Ypsilanti".
  • Meeting with the participation of all the Greeks of Kyiv and the Philly with the requirement to cancel the illegal withdrawal of the house-estate Konstantin Ypsilanti from the list of historical monuments
    On March 25, 2018, at the House-Manor of Constantine Ypsilanti, at 10:00 to 12:00, we hold a rally with the participation of all the Greeks of Kyiv and the Phillyines with the requirement to cancel the illegal removal of the house from the list of historical monuments, protected by the state, the abolition of illegal privatization and the return of the building to municipal property. cities. The application for holding the rally is filed on time on March 12th. The Greeks must say "Oh!" - illegal privatization, illegal removal of the historical monument of the state, illegal construction works! Come and tell us "OKI!" Do it on Independence Day of Greece! Be Greeks!
  • On March 24, 2018, at 10 o'clock in the assembly hall on the second floor of the House of Writers of the Union of Writers of Ukraine, a meeting will be held with writers, poets, researchers, representatives of national communities of Ukraine. The meeting begins with our guest from Greece - a well-known Greek writer, a well-known public figure, Valida Budakid-Brick, with the novel "Temetheron". This novel has already become a bestseller among the Greeks in Greece and Georgia. We hope that his presentation in Ukraine will also find understanding and support. Preparing for the presentation of the monograph by Mazarat SM and Tomasov V.V. "The Greeks in Ukraine: from Antiquity to Present".